Kristen Stewart – The Hatred of Introversion in Hollywood?



Kristen is often ridiculed for her introversion, by journalists, paparazzi, internet meme’s, and you name it, they claim her to be: boring, unapproachable, and unemotional. Is it because America views introversion as something that is not acceptable in Hollywood? I’m not sure. There are plenty of introverts who are famous in Hollywood today, but I feel Kristen feels no need to hide her introversion, and that is the difference. I think she doesn’t force herself to act like something she isn’t in the view of the public.

“Some people get the wrong idea, you know. If you’re quiet and you’re just not the most gregarious person, that you’re like.. I don’t know, self-involved, rude possibly, frigid. I get that a lot from people who don’t know me, like online all you guys think I never smile, ever. It’s not true. I do smile sometimes.”

Now, I hate saying that introverts act certain ways, and extraverts act other ways. Especially when it comes down to Jungian typing. There are different types of introversion: Introverted Thinking (Ti), Introverted Feeling (Fi), Introverted Sensing (Si), and Introverted Intuition (Ni). If I were to type Kirsten Stewart, I would type her as an ISTP (Ti, Se, Ni, Fe). But in my opinion Kristen Stewart is an obvious introvert despite whichever personality theory you choose.

Kristen doesn’t like being in the public eye, not as often as she is forced to be, anyway. She makes it plainly obvious that she doesn’t want to be as famous as she is. She finds that kind of attention uncomfortable. I do not think she is ungrateful – I believe it has more to do with her need for privacy. Unfortunately for her, she chose a film for which as an actress would make her very famous. I don’t think she expected such a response to the movies. I don’t think for a minute she would complain about her fans, or her fame because things like that come along once in a lifetime. It’s what comes with it, that bothers her.

It’s not to say that other celebrities aren’t bothered by the media’s intrusion into their lives. Who wouldn’t be? Some just want to be famous for their art; not for their personal lives, and that is understandable. The only problem is, if the celebrity makes it clear that they don’t want to be bothered, they are going to get the wrong sort of attention from the press. Their personality will take a hit.


In interviews, Kirsten is either unattached from the situation; usually in interviews where she is being asked questions that could be considered small talk. Something that introverts are prone to dislike, as it takes a good amount of energy to engage in conversations like that. It can become taxing for them. Or, she brings her full attention but still has a nervous energy. You can see a range of anxiety from her. You see her running her hand through her hair or she is fidgeting in her seat.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying all introverts are nervous, or suffer from anxiety, and I am not saying Kristen is either – though some will say it’s true for both introverts and Kristen, herself. I am saying that introverts tend to dislike being the centre of public attention for longer span of time, when compared to your typical extravert.

In doing so, it takes time away from being with themselves, or being with their close friends or family and doing what they enjoy. Introverts prefer the enhancement of their mental life, rather than gratification from the outside world. Which is something extraverts need, as their first function is directed outwards – they rely on what is objective firstly. Extraverts are more affected by their surroundings than an introvert would be.

I believe this is why introverts can at times, give off these kind of characteristics when they are around new people. They primarily aren’t concerned with their appearance, and because of Western culture they are forced to be concerned. Western culture makes introverts feel guilty for being introverted. Just as Kristen herself is made to feel guilty for not being gregarious.

“I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward – and I am – but those are bad words for them.”

Yet, despite that you can see she isn’t too comfortable with being in the public eye, she still gets pulled down because she doesn’t reveal much about her life, or herself. Why should she have to? Is my question.


Her closed off attitude isn’t because she isn’t a nice person; Kristen isn’t a nasty person at all, it’s more of a defensive state of being. Talking from my personal experience, I am not purposely defensive in public, but I am defensive. It’s only because I don’t like people intruding into my life details when I don’t know them well, and just because Kristen Stewart is a celebrity, she has the right to that privacy also.

I thank Kristen wholeheartedly for being who she is, and not giving into the pressure of something she’s expected to be.  I also believe that other introverts should be proud to have someone who is also introverted, who doesn’t give in to the social pressure to act like an extravert.

I’m not saying you have to like her movies, or to appreciate her as an actress. But to appreciate her for not being afraid to be herself, despite what publications say about her and whether she intends to or not, I hope she inspires others be themselves, despite what society tells them what is right or wrong.

“Be yourself, baby doll.”


9 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart – The Hatred of Introversion in Hollywood?”

  1. I hope that young women can be themselves , Stewart grew up in HW and knows whats going on, her personality doesn’t look like she is introverted , it look more like she isn’t well educated and acts out of instinct. I’m sure she isn’t nasty and never smiles but the way she presents herself isn’t likeable . Only because she walks around trying to be rebellious doesn’t make her look cool, her display of “I don’t give a fck” shouldn’t be tolerated as you describe it. She is an entertainer and People like to see a pleasant personality in these people who they pay to watch their movies. Behaviour like hers is being unprofessional and annoying. Her acting skills are bland and boring in my view . SWATH was horrible. Before Twilight she was a young untainted free actress now she is just a spoiled brat , just watch some of her Interviews , that woman can’t string one coherent sentence together . I hope after the hype regarding her personal affairs dies down she will evaluate where she is standing and give her head a good shake ..if she is still wanted. HW is a mean machine and when you fall out of it she be under ” Stewart…. Who..”

    1. When I read the hatred that bleeds through from someone like “director,” I grow angry because of how obviously subjective they are in their so called observations. Kristen Stewart is an introvert, and it would take someone with an agenda of hate to say otherwise. Then this person says she isn’t well educated when every director and peer that she has worked with her says how smart she is. So, this hater comes up with blanket statements that are basically the talking points of the average hater. Personally, I agree with this article and would further say that Kristen is one of the most captivating celebrities on the planet. I admire her… respect her… and will enjoy watching the very long career she has ahead of her.

    2. I like how you shoot down the idea of her being an introvert without explaining why, you just launch into your own hate filled tirade. Her demeanor, her attitude, almost everything about her screams introversion, and you just choose not to accept it because it doesn’t fit your narrative for not liking the girl. Spot on job for proving the writer’s point even if you didn’t realize you were doing it

  2. Why relate something like introversion to a public hatred? I think the public hate her mostly because she appears on the most suck movie ever of all time, Twilight. Like seriously, Bella doesn’t need to show so much facial expression and that’s why she who acts as Bella doesn’t do it either. The movie sucks and it makes all the actor who is actually talented, looks bad.
    And yeah, she just need to smile more in public. Being introvert is not an excuse to show ‘plain unfriendly face’ while you’re walking on red carpet. At least show something of yourself that makes you appear as if you respect your audience. Because naturally people will see someone who don’t want to smile in public as someone who is either arrogant or just unfriendly.

  3. Very good post as I too am an introvert, when I noticed in another article I was reading how the media believes she and other stars need to smile, the first question, which came to mind was, is she an introvert?
    I believe this to be the correct answer, her being an introvert because I to have the same problem with smile and being drained when it comes to small talk among other things.

  4. I enjoyed your post about Kristen Stewart after hearing about how she’s an introvert in Sophia Dembling’s, “The Introvert’s Way.” Being an introvert myself I can see how tough it would be to keep your private life private while still being a star. But there are many stars like that. Huge block buster movies and very private lives. Take for instance Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts or Johnny Depp.

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