Getting my Last Projects Done

The last two projects of my final year are testing me. I have over 2 months left, 57 days to be exact and I am finding myself at a road block, mentally.

Let’s hope this ramble inspires more than just moaning.

I have the ideas, and so my projects all are set. There is no problem when it comes to that. The problem lies with actually doing them. I am struggling a lot with my Competition Brief for the D&AD. I am obviously not entering it because it is a week past it’s enter date, but it still has to be done.

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Job Seeking as a Graphic Design Student

I thought I’d start making posts about a series of me trying to find a job as a Graphic Design student.

Now, first off – having a job in graphic design is not really ideal for me. Why’d I take as a degree? That’s another story. But for the sake of these entries I will cut to mainly present.

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Breaking… boring?

I’ve recently began to watch Breaking Bad, I have heard that with each season the story gets overall better, and more exciting. I’m still waiting for that to happen, and I’m towards the end of Season 3.

There’s also the excuse to give it until the end of Season 4. Now, in my opinion, why would you wait to the end of 4 seasons for a tv show to get good? At the most, you’d be willing to put up with a bad first season because it’s setting the scene, or trying to find it’s place, so to speak, but 4 seasons? That’s asking quite a lot of a person.

For a TV show, that has such critical acclaim, for being outstanding, and to the point where everyone you’ve spoken to, and has seen it finds it addictive. It’s so frustrating to me, that I find it really dull. I do not care about the characters at all. In terms of our two main leads: Walter White, is a hot headed, yet cold man, to whom I cannot sympathise with. I have sympathised with Dexter Morgan more, and he justifies killing people for a living. Jesse Pinkman, who just seems to keep making leaps forward then taking 3 steps back. I even dread any screen time the women have, because their characters are painful stereotypes.

To be honest, the only character I like is Frank. But even then, he doesn’t encourage me to carry on.

The pacing between some of the more exciting episodes is slow, and sometimes I’m just waiting for the episode to end in hopes there is a possible surprising cliffhanger which made up for the lack of plot within the episode. There just seems like there is a lot of filler episodes where there is a lack of development, both for the story, and for the characters, Some episodes could easily condensed into one, by taking out some of the pointless dialogue, and the removing the repetitive scenes of Walt and Jesse disagreeing with each other and not talking for a few days.

I want to love it, and rejoice in what a fabulous piece of work it is, but I will have to accept that I just find Breaking Bad, boring.




I’m going to let you in on a secret.

As of the past year, I haven’t been discussing much of the theory on many formats apart from forums, and with a couple of friends. The theory I find has become of very little use to me anymore apart from enjoying to teach people about the theory.

I don’ t think any of the theories based off Jung’s work has become much use to me in real life. In fact, if anything at points it has over complicated parts of my life as to which don’t need to be. You shouldn’t place people into boxes, and assume that they think or value things according to it. The theory does more harm than good. There is far too much seriousness invested in to the theory, and people take things too literally. It has only allowed me to explore more aspects of my personality by looking more inwardly about myself.

There has become a point where I have also given up on teaching people about it, because of the amount of rubbish information out there confusing people over something that is pretty simple if you read the original writings about the functions via Jung’s work. Am I always right? No. I’m not saying that at all. I am saying that I am fed up of explaining the most simplest of things because there are people out there with larges voices than myself who teach it poorly.

To cut a long story short, I’ve given up on the theory. The information runs in the back of my mind, but I don’t think I will be discussing it anymore or bothering to even entertain the idea of it.